A simple description of reiki and pranic healing

R7When your car hits the side of a pavement or stone in the road, it effects the alignment of the tyres and the vehicle then feels out of balance and is not steady on the road.  The steering wheel will invariably pull to either the left or the right of the road while driving.  You then need to take your vehicle in for a wheel alignment and balancing of the tyres.

This is exactly what happens to our bodies.  In our lives we will experience times of anger, frustration, hurt, shame, blame, trauma etc.  These are the pavement or stones that we are hitting along our path. “The knocks that we take in our life”.  This then puts our bodies out of alignment or out of balance creating misunderstandings and unhappiness. We choose to ignore our feelings and plod away at what needs to get done.  Life then becomes overwhelming and we become totally stressed with everything and everyone around us.  Taking the time out to take your body in for an alignment and a balance is the right thing to do. Exactly the same way as you take care of your vehicle, will be extremely beneficial to your entire being.  Why is it that we will take care of everything else around us except our most important person?

Once you have taken your car in for an oil and water check and everything is running smoothly, you can now trust it to get you to the places you need to get to without anything going wrong along the way.  Soo do this now for yourself and take yourself for a tune up at Magical Moments and be amazed at how you can then drive yourself in a more productive, loving, caring way to assist others and yourself.

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