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I’m Janet

 In 1999, my nineteen year long marriage began to break down. This impacted me more than I could have expected. I went into shock and felt enormous anxiety and depression, which went on for three more years.

To help me try process all the trauma to my nervous system, a dear friend introduced me to Reiki in 2002.

Reiki honestly changed my life by teaching me how to process my enormous anxiety and depression. I am truly grateful for the insights and wisdom that came from that.  I realized that Reiki could help others like me and so I continued to studied Reiki 1, & 2, as well as Usui Master advanced Reiki. 

These techniques set me of on a wonderful journey of alternative healing for a few years, and then I discovered Pranic Healing.  Pranic energy resonated with me immediately because I literally felt tangible warm energy coming from my hands.

Over the years I completed more incredible healing techniques – Basic Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, Advanced Pranic Healing, and then Pranic Psychotherapy. I combine my Reiki and Pranic healing together and it works so amazingly well.  

 In my spare time I practiced Reiki and Pranic healing, while running our family business in Johannesburg and bringing up four wonderful children.  My divorce took place in 2011 and two years later moved to Umdloti in Kwazulu Natal, a place where my heart has always been. 

In 2014 I decided to embrace my passion and do what I love the most; in helping people to change their lives for the better. This is when Magical Moments was started.

I specialize in helping people heal from anxiety, depression, trauma, shock, relationship stresses, and preventing suicides.




What I Offer

Distant Healing


Pranic healing

Healing Massages

Neck, shoulder & back massages

Aura & space clearing

The beauty of distant healing


Energy follows thought.

Distant healing is based on two principles.  The principle of interconnectedness and the principle of direct ability.

The mechanism of pranic distant healing is similar to that of the cell phone.  You are able to contact another person because your cell phone is linked to the other person via radio waves.  Radio waves transport digitized voice or data in the form of oscillating electric and magnetic field of radio waves, that carry information and travel in air at the speed of light.  This forms a two-way communication. The healer and the client are interconnected because their etheric or energy bodies are part of the earths etheric body. Therefore, the healer can heal the client at a distance because their energy bodies are interconnected.

Healing energy follows where your thought or intention is focused.  When you think of a person, the healing energy goes to them.  Therefore since “energy follows thought”, when the healer focuses his attention to the client, he can remove diseased energy and project healing energy to them.  The only difference is that the healing is done in the comfort of your own home and the results are exactly the same as if you were present in the healer’s rooms.

An appointment is set up and communication before the healing will take place.  You would relax and receive healing wherever you are via radio frequency waves and then once completed, you will communicate again to share your experience.  The results are always phenomenal.  (It’s the same as sending healing prayers to loved ones all over the world).

Prana (life energy) coloured by the thought of the sender may be projected to persons at a distance, who are willing to receive it, and the healing can be done this way.

Yogi Ramacharaka.

The Science of Psychic Healing

The planetary-etheric body is whole, unbroken and continuous; of this etheric body, those of the healer and of the client are integral, intrinsic parts….  The channels of relationship can be conductors of many different types of energy, transmitted by the healers to the client.

Alic Bailey.

Esoteric Healing

What is reiki and pranic healing?

Pranic Healing

Doctors are now using Pranic healing in  hospitals in America and combine natural medicines and  healing along with conventional methods of healing the body.  Using the mind, soul and body integration helps to get to the cause and not just the symptom of the illnesses. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life force and this system of energy is highly evolved and tested.  It utilizes prana to balance, harmonise and transform the body’s energy processes. The invisible bio energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health.  Pranic energy practitioners use prana, chi ki or simple energy to facilitate the balancing of healing of ones physical, emotional and mental bodies without even touching the physical body.

This technology comes from a basic concept that energy or prana, may be used to re-balance and normalize the flow of energy, within the human body and it may be directed to assist in most areas of peoples lives.

 Pranic Healing is a energy healing system developed and promoted by Master Choa Kok Sui which  prana (energy) can heal ailments in the body by contributing to the person’s energy field. He states that Pranic healing is like acupuncture and yoga, in that it treats the “energy body” which in turn affects the “physical body”.  This means healing gets to the chore of the illness.

Writing in the Times of India, Rajesh Parajapati a student of Pranic Healing claims: “The primary principle of pranic healing is utilising the inherent energy prana or energy of life in all beings for self-healing.


The power of intention is so vital and knowing what we want is one of the most powerful steps we can take.  What do you want? Changing your attitude towards yourself and your life will bring you to the knowing that you can heal your own body and life. No one else is going to do it for you. Reiki and Pranic healing brings back the belief in yourself that you can achieve anything and heal your own body. This all happens naturally without you doing anything as your vibrations have been raised after a healing session.   Keeping the balance and alignment of the body through Pranic and Reiki healing, clearing away past trauma, illnesses and belief systems that don’t work for you anymore, will create magical moments.  Pranic healing is a system of life force energy that is highly evolved and tested.

R7When your car hits the side of a pavement or stone in the road, it effects the alignment of the tyres and the vehicle then feels out of balance and is not steady on the road.  The steering wheel will invariably pull to either the left or the right of the road while driving.  You then need to take your vehicle in for a wheel alignment and balancing of the tyres.

This is exactly what happens to our bodies.  In our lives we will experience times of anger, frustration, hurt, shame, blame, trauma etc.  These are the pavement or stones that we are hitting along our path. “The knocks that we take in our life”.  This then puts our bodies out of alignment or out of balance creating misunderstandings and unhappiness. We choose to ignore our feelings and plod away at what needs to get done.  Life then becomes overwhelming and we become totally stressed with everything and everyone around us.  Taking the time out to take your body in for an alignment and a balance is the right thing to do. Exactly the same way as you take care of your vehicle, will be extremely beneficial to your entire being.  Why is it that we will take care of everything else around us except our most important person?

Once you have taken your car in for an oil and water check, pumped up the tyres and everything is running smoothly, you can now trust it to get you to the places you need to get to without anything going wrong along the way.  Soo do this now and take yourself for a tune up at Magical Moments! You will be amazed at how you can then drive yourself in a more productive, loving, caring way to assist others and yourself.


Reiki is the ancient art of “laying on of hands” in order to heal.  It is the use of touch to convey warmth, serenity, love, caring and healing, through the channelling of energy to enhance a persons own life force. ” When you heal yourself and assist others with their self healing, you heal the earth.  You do make a difference.”

Reiki is a gentle process of healing energy that flows through the effected area of our bodies, recharging the negative energy with positive energy. These healing methods reconnect us to our souls purpose and brings us back into balance. It assists us to heal our bodies and make the right choices in our life, connecting our Mind, Soul and Body.  This then creates more success in relationships, business, and bringing in love, happiness and peace, which is our natural inheritance in this life.  Many ailments are healed in the body because you are now balanced.

Because Reiki is guided by the G-o-d Consciousness, it can never do harm.  It always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create the effect that is appropriate for them. One never need worry about whether to give Reiki or not.  It is always helpful leaving one with increased energy, and surrounded with loving feelings of well-being.

In addition, because the practitioner does not direct the healing and does not decide what to work on,  or what to heal, the practitioner is not in danger of taking on the karma of the client. We are trained to protect our client and ourselves so there is no ego and only the presence of G-o-d can clearly shine through.

Reiki healing


Aura Cleansing.


The modern-day practice of burning sage (or sage combined with other dried herbs) in personal smudging rituals and ceremonies is based on a combination of the spiritual, medicinal, herbal and cultural teachings of the past.

Essentially, a smudge ritual or a smudge ceremony is performed to correct the energy in a home, in an office, in an object, or even in a person. This is accomplished by burning sage or sage and a combination of herbs, in a focused, intentional way to cleanse out negative energy and to replenish positive, healing energy.

Here are some examples of times when it is helpful to carry out a House Smudging to clear, cleanse, and balance the energy of your entire home. This can also be done in the work place.

Where would you use Smudging?


      • Following the completion of a major home improvement project.

      • When someone new moves into the home to live with current members of the household, bringing their possessions (possibly their children and/or their pets) into the space.

      • After a Feng Shui consultation, and after any changes suggested by the Feng Shui Practitioner have been made to the interior (or exterior) of the home – changes that are meant to shift/improve the energy-flow inside the home.

      • At the time of a major “life-change” for anyone who lives in the home (such as the birth of a child, a major career change, children leaving home for college or to live on their own, retirement, diagnosis of a chronic illness, etc.)

      • A serious illness or death of someone (or a cherished family pet) who has lived in the home.

      • Divorce or separation, where one party has moved all of their possessions out of the mutual home and into a new home of their own.

      • The aftermath of a natural disaster (like an earthquake, fire or flood).

Whether you are buying a home, renting a home or moving into a new apartment or condominium, you will want to perform a Sage and Smudge Home Clearing ritual at least one time during the first month you are living in the new space, preferably at or around the New Moon. If there is time between when you take possession of your new home, and the time your furniture and belongings are moved into the new home, you may want to do an initial Sage and Smudge ritual, to clear negative energy before your furniture and possessions arrive and you start unpacking.

If you are unable to carry out a Complete House Clearing before your furniture and possessions arrive at the new dwelling, or if you don’t unpack everything the first month you are in your new home, you may want to perform an initial Home Smudging Ritual during the first month, and another after everything is unpacked and moved into its new space.



Healing Massage

  • Helps release negative & suppressed emotions.
  • Adds to overall well being
  • Increases joint mobility
  • Relieves migraines and balances emotions
  • Reduces stress
  • Relaxes the body
  • Brings in a feeling of calm and contentment
  • Just a fantastic way to heal

    Indian Head Massage

    Indian Head Massages have been practised for over 1000 years.  It was originally developed by women as part of their grooming routine to keep their hair lustrous and strong!  Today in India, barbers also practise many of these skills; cutting men’s hair and offering ‘Champi’  (head massage) .The work ‘shampoo’ hails from the Hindu word ‘champi’.  Being ‘champi-ed meant having our head massaged.

    Benefits of Indian Head Massage:

    • Massaging the head, neck and shoulders where muscles are under stress will bring immediate relief.
    • Tensions are eased and fibrous knots and nodules melt away.
    • The Efficiency of the circulatory and lymphatic systems improves.
    • Toxins (lactic & uric acid) are dispersed from tense muscles.
    • Fluidity of movement is restored
    • As massage proceeds, client relaxes , breathing becomes deeper and more oxygen is supplied to the body. The brain needs lots of oxygenated blood!
    • Helps with mental tiredness & edginess
    • Energy levels improve
    • Promotion of hair growth
    • Excellent to help with disturbed sleep and insomnia

      Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage

      Mneck shoulder and back massageassage therapy has many benefits and can do much more than just relax you.

          • Most individuals are dealing with some kind of posture stress. The pain mostly ends up in the neck and shoulders. Prolonged periods of sitting can results in this. The only proper form of relief is massaging which can counteract this kind of stress. It quickly relieves stressed muscles to help soothe and relax you.
          • It soothes anxiety and depression. Human touch, in a safe, friendly and professional way, can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. Woman who have been diagnosed with cancer who receive massage therapy three times a week reported being less depressed and less angry. This was published in the International Journal of Neuroscience.
          • Improves sleep. Massage helps those who can’t comfortably rest well and encourages a restful sleep.
          • Boosts the immune system. Massage boost patients by stimulating white blood cell counts which helps protect the body from disease.
          • Relieves headaches. Most definitely book a massage next time a headache hits you and feel the pain decrease and the severity of the tension release.
          • Eases muscle pain.  Massaging aching muscles increases and improves blood circulation and brings the body into a state of relaxation and relief from painful muscles.

      Lots of water is required to drink after any massage as toxins are released into your blood stream and need to be washed away.

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