Pranic Healing is a energy healing system developed and promoted by Master Choa Kok Sui which  prana (energy) can heal ailments in the body by contributing to the person’s energy field. He states that Pranic healing is like acupuncture and yoga in that it treats the “energy body” which in turn affects the “physical body”.  This means healing gets to the chore of the illness.

Writing in the Times of India, Rajesh Parajapati a student of Pranic Healing claims: “The primary principle of pranic healing is utilising the inherent energy prana or energy of life in all beings for self-healing.


Doctors are now using Pranic healing in  hospitals in America and combine natural medicines and  healing along with conventional

methods of healing the body.  Using the mind, soul and body integration helps to get to the cause and not just the symptom of the illnesses. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life force and this system of energy is highly evolved and tested.  It utilizes prana to balance, harmonise and transform the body’s energy processes. The invisible bio energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health.  Pranic energy practitioners use prana, chi ki or simple energy to facilitate the balancing of healing of ones physical, emotional and mental bodies without even touching the physical body.

This technology comes from a basic concept that energy or prana, may be used to re-balance and normalize the flow of energy within the human body and it may be directed to assist in most areas of peoples lives.

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