Going into Spring, change of season, and change for everything. If we learnt from nature and followed her through all the different seasons we would become one and complete with her. This is a fantastic time to look at your health, diet, hygiene, daily routine, work environment, bad and good habits. What can you change to make it all work better for you? It takes 21 days to break a bad habit. See what you can change for yourself in 21 days to feel more of the love that you deserve. Practice makes perfect and a good attitude to want to change a bad habit. If you think about it, it’s just a matter of changing your mind. There is huge power there.
Globe SeptemberBe aware not to condemn, judge, and criticize yourself and others too much and to stop over thinking situations. It’s gone, it’s finished, it’s in the paste. Bounce back.

Your humanness will tell you how to keep the balance once you learn how to spend more time with yourself and ask yourself what is it that you need and want. Start praying and asking. Say a prayer every time you want to think about something you unhappy with.
Jupiter exits Virgo on September 9th and goes into Libra. This allows you to be more direct, definite, and honest with your feelings coming from a space of non-criticism. No more pussy footing around to please everyone else to the detriment of your well being.

If you going through any legal matter personally or in business, get more details and pay extra attention to those details.
Time to always give back. The Universe is asking for your help to give back in any way you can with an open and willing heart. Even if it’s a beautiful smile across to a sad person you see or a kind gesture to help with someone in need. There are many ways to make a difference in your own special way.
Mercury comes out of retrograde on 22nd September. Meaning travel, all forms of communication will become easier. Then Pluto resumes its position on 26th September. Pluto represents endings, beginnings and huge transformation as well as your hidden power. So we might all be in for a few shakes and shocks this month to bring the balance in. If you felt like you were constantly hitting your head against a brick wall, well now it’s gone too far and needs to stop.
Mars enters Capricorn and resumes its normal course from being in retrograde on the 27th September. Mars is the planet of action making things happen and is also very aggressive. Do what needs to be done with discernment and consideration. There are many planets this month changing their positions in a large way and we will feel this. So blame the stars and take responsibility for your actions.
Happy Spring day everyone and have a Blessed month.

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